Why Buy Books at the Campus Bookstore? Use a Textbook Exchange Service and Get Free Textbooks!

Many college students are annoyed with the high cost of college textbooks. Campus bookstores usually offer used textbooks, but those are usually sold out or high priced as well. Students are now searching online to find the cheapest textbooks for college. There are many choices online, but which one is the right one. What if there was a solution that could even give students free textbooks? Well, there is just a solution and here it is. books_stack

StudentBookTrades.com helps college students save money on college textbooks. They provide students a marketplace to buy, sell, and trade college textbooks. The textbook exchange service is easy to use. List the textbooks you have for sale, and then list the textbooks you need for the next course you plan to take. You will automatically be matched with other students to trade textbooks. Trading textbooks will allow students to save money while in college. You can also buy and sell textbooks by searching your college campus directly to save even more money on shipping.

Buying College Textbooks? Try a Textbook Exchange Service Instead.

Finding the cheapest textbooks for college can be a real hassle. Students have a couple of options (buy or rent) textbooks. Renting textbooks will sometimes cost the same as buying a used textbook. The only difference is that students can sell back the textbook after you are done with it. If students rent the textbook, you must return it and get no money back. The real question is where can students get the cheapest textbooks?

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A new way to save money on college textbooks is using a textbook exchange service like StudentBookTrades.com. Students can search their home campus and meet locally to save money on shipping and find the cheapest textbooks. The website also provides a textbook matching service where students are automatically matched together to trade textbooks. It works by creating a profile of textbooks you have for sale and listing the textbook you need for the next semester. The system does the rest and you are notified of a textbook match to trade with another student. Students can also buy and sell textbooks with one another anonymously. Instead of posting textbooks for sale at the college bulletin board, students can search their campus using the website and see if any textbooks they need are available. No need to display your private telephone or email as the website acts as the discussion board.

How to Find the Cheapest Textbooks for College

Many students pay a lot of money for college textbooks. The average price range for college textbooks are from $80 to $100. Students are finding new ways to save money by using other resources available online. Some students have a difficult time paying for college textbooks and often ask their professor for assistance in borrowing a book. While many students ask how they will be paying for textbooks, I can offer you ways to stretch your bottom dollar of up to 90% savings. Here are the ways to keep more cash in your wallet:


The one sure way to save money on college textbooks is to buy them off campus and not from the college bookstore. Bookstores have a huge markup on new and used textbooks that the savings is not passed to the student. Campus bookstores also offer a buyback program, but only offer you a small percentage of what you can get for the textbook if you sell it online yourself. It may take a little while longer to get the money back, but you can get more than 3 times the amount by selling it yourself than to a campus bookstore.


Buying and selling textbooks from online resources such as Amazon.com and Half.com are a great way to save money. Textbooks are generally bought and sold through other students wanting to save money as well. The great thing is that the savings are passed along to you automatically. The textbooks prices are much cheaper than the campus bookstore. Order textbooks at least a week in advance so the textbook can arrive to you in time for your next course.


Use a textbook exchange service to get free college textbooks. Trade college textbooks with your classmates and friends. Go to www.StudentBookTrades.com and use their free service to match you with other college students and trade textbooks. Search your local campus for textbooks and save on shipping costs when ordering textbooks. They also compare textbook prices to find you the best deal at your campus and nationwide.

Textbook Exchange and Open Source Textbooks for College

Every year, college students spend over $1500 on textbooks. Then professors at the University of Nebraska decided to help college students and try open source textbooks. The open source textbooks are licensed free online and at a cost if students care to order a hard copy. Professors allowed students to use the online version of the textbook for courses and the results were great. Students were glad to save money on college textbooks. With the high cost of college textbooks, professors are helping college students by allowing more and more open source textbooks to be used in their courses. Authors of open source textbooks are not yet compensated, but a different form of revenue stream will occur from the open source textbooks.


Flat World Knowledge and Massachusetts Institute of Technology are a couple of sources to use for open textbooks. Open source textbooks could be the way to fight high textbook prices and drive down prices. Textbook authors would need more of an incentive to publish textbooks open source in order to create more textbook options for college professors and students. Other colleges are looking into ways to lower college textbook prices and help college students save money.


Another option to save money on college textbooks is to use a textbook exchange service to trade college textbooks with other students. Students can trade textbooks and not have to buy a new textbook from the high priced bookstores. A website such as StudentBookTrades.com provides a free service that matches students together and trade textbooks. The site also allows students to search their home campus for textbooks for sale just like a bulletin board.

Cheap Textbooks for College

Searching for cheap college textbooks is now very easy using StudentBookTrades to buy, sell, and swap college books. Campus bookstores do not sell cheap books and only buy back textbooks if they can make a profit off of it. Selling books online is the only way to sell your books and make your money back. Our goal is to give the students the resources to save a lot on books and keep money in their pocket. Students can search your campus for textbooks and save money on shipping as well. Rather than posting books for sale on the college bulletin board and listing your private information, students can use StudentBookTrades as a virtual campus bulletin board. Your personal data is kept private and no need to list your telephone number or contact email on the college bulletin board. List the books you need in the websites wish list and get matched with other students to trade college textbooks.

There are other websites that help students to obtain textbooks. StudentBookTrades is the best site that helps college students to  buy, sell, and trade college textbooks. Simply enter the title, author, or ISBN of the textbook you are looking for and click search.  You can also search by campus or university name to better your search results. StudentBookTrades web site will compare textbook prices as well as student listings for textbooks and find the best price for your book. You will save up to 90% on college textbooks. Locate your textbooks for free by using the free textbook swap service. The text book swap service will match students with other students to trade textbooks.  StudentBookTrades not only offers textbook price comparison and book matching services, but a free degree audit service as well.  With the degree audit service, students can predetermine their graduation date, calculate their G.P.A., search for the textbooks they require  immediately, and determine their academic progress.

Services offered by StudentBookTrades
1. Book Price Comparison
Search your college campus and nationwide to compare text book prices instantly. Find cheap textbooks for college by saving up to  90% and keep more money for yourself.

2. Degree Audit
Calculate your academic progress, grade point average, completed courses, and find out when you will complete your degree.

3. Enter to Win Free Books
Monthly textbook giveaway: Get free books and cash with our monthly contest giveaway. You may also find free books by matching with other students to swap books. Trade books with your friends and use the website to trade with each other. Join our facebook page and earn $50 in cash to help pay for your college books. Log onto the site to learn more and read the contest rules. Entering to win is easy.

Sign up is easy. Simply type your email address and password and that’s it. When you purchase a book, you can type in your  mailing address so the textbook can be sent to you. Or you can talk to the seller and make arrangements to meet locally on campus to pay for the text book. Selling your college books is simple as well. Input the ISBN’s of the books you want to sell. The web site will add  the textbook title, authors, publisher, and edition information. You can also enter other ISBN’s at once and the site will find  every textbook information. If you are not ready to sell your textbook just yet, you can set a date of when the book is available  and other students can buy the book after that date. Get the most money by selling your books.

We make it easy to buy, sell, and trade textbooks saving you lots of money. Register for a free StudentBookTrades account today and get access to our free services. We’ll perform price comparison for your and help you find the cheapest textbooks for college! Finding the cheapest college textbooks just got easier with StudentBookTrades.
With over 15 years of college education and knowledge, we are the foremost site to help college students find cheap textbooks for college. Our services help college students save up to 90% on textbooks while providing an easy way to trade books for free.

Get An Early Start on College and Save Money

Don’t wait for the college rush to buy your college textbooks and apply for those college grans and scholarships. Start now and avoid the rush. Here are some tips to get you headed in the right direction:

College Financial Aid Guide for Students
Fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Student Financial Aid) and determine your eligibility for federal aid. Your campus academic office can help you fill out the FAFSA. You’ll get an idea of what kinds of money is available to you once you complete this form.

College Scholarships
Scholarships can often offset the cost of college by giving you some or all of the money you need to pay for college. Each scholarship has its own requirements that must be met before you apply. Carefully fill out the applications and write the required essays by the deadline. You can research scholarships at Fastweb.com.

Grants provide each student with college financial aid that does not need to be repaid. There are several grants available to college students and are mostly given to first-year undergraduate students.

Loans offer you borrowed money to be repaid at a low interest rate. Each college financial office can assist you with the best loan option that is right for you. The usual federal loans are the Federal Perkins Loan and the Federal Stafford Loan.

Work Study Programs
Employers sometimes offer jobs and help pay for college tuition. Students can earn money while attending college.