An Uneasy Traveler

An Uneasy Traveler

by Evelyn Klebert

ISBN-10: 1613421605
ISBN-13: 9781613421604
Publisher: Cornerstone Book Publishers
Edition: - 2014

Book Description
What would you do if your destiny was ruining your life? Jacob Wyss, an extremely gifted artist, is battling his own demons - a deep restlessness - while overcoming the after-effects of a painful divorce. A chance meeting with a guarded, young woman one wintry morning in a bookstore sends both their lives spiraling onto a different track. For it is the call of a past-life and a spiritual awakening that draws these two together, propelling both their lives onto a new and often disturbing path. It is a monumental struggle to overcome their own obstacles, fears, and ghosts from their pasts to carve out a new life together.

Acclaim for the Books of Evelyn Klebert

"Set in the marvelous city of New Orleans, Ms. Klebert takes us on a journey that's layered through lifetimes current and past. It is a marvelous adventure, and one that encompasses healing, trust, and the rapture of undying love. Treading on Borrowed Time is an outstanding achievement. It is a story that lingers upon the heart and mind."
- AIDEN JAMES, author of The Forgotten Eden

A densely layered, yet tautly written psychic love story. Stirring and insightful. Klebert has a real gift for rendering the complicated, often tortured emotional landscapes of women whose profound psychic sensitivities force them into life-altering confrontations with the darkness and brutality in the world. Her characters speak to the spiritual traveler in all of us through the sacrifices they make and the love and wisdom they eventually gain. Sanctuary of Echoes
- LORRAINE DEWOLF, author of Bearing Light and Abiding Darkness

Evelyn Klebert paints pictures with words. The images are clear and detailed and the stories take unexpected twists and turns that keep you turning the pages and wanting more when the journey ends. In An Uneasy Traveler the discovery of love between two kindred spirits leads them into the unexpected path of fate and spiritual awakenings. I just could not put the book down!
- MICHAEL POLL, author of In His Own Rite and Many Skies of Blue