Applied Physics

Applied Physics

by T. Bhima Sankaram

ISBN-10: 1904798101
ISBN-13: 9781904798101
Publisher: Anshan Publishers
Edition: 2 - 2005

Book Description
Cross disciplinary -– relevant information for all engineering students. Explains the industrial and professional applications after the academic theory. Growing industrial need for such knowledge. An introductory book on electronic materials intended for students of Electronics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Material Science. The importance of semiconductors, ferro & ferri magnetic, dielectric & ferroelectric materials in modern electronic engineering is reflected by the large number of rapidly growing research and development establishments in these fields. All electrical and electronic devices employ the above materials in one form or other. Therefore, the basic understanding of the natural behaviour of the material is a prerequisite for students in Engineering and Technology. With the developments in electronic and electrical industry, there is a greater responsibility on the shoulders of the engineers and physicists to work on basics more elaborately and intuitively. The fabrication of devices requires a thorough understanding of physical concepts involved in the fundamental properties of the materials.

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