Biochemistry: The Molecular Basis of Life Updated Fifth Edition

Biochemistry: The Molecular Basis of Life Updated Fifth Edition

by Trudy McKee

ISBN-10: 0199316708
ISBN-13: 9780199316700
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Edition: 5 - 2013

Book Description
In one semester: The coverage you want. The relevance your students need.

Biochemistry: The Molecular Basis of Life is the ideal text for students who do not specialize in biochemistry but who require a strong grasp of biochemical principles. The goal of this edition has been to enrich the coverage of chemistry while better highlighting the biological context. Once concepts and problem-solving skills have been mastered, students are prepared to tackle the complexities of science, modern life, and their chosen professions.



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Biochemistry: The Molecular Basis of Life, Updated Fifth Edition
by Trudy McKee and James R. McKee


A Review of Basic Principles. To ensure that all students are sufficiently prepared for acquiring a meaningful understanding of biochemistry, the first four chapters--now streamlined for easier coverage and self-study assessment--review the principles of relevant topics such as organic functional groups, noncovalent bonding, thermodynamics, and cell structure.

Chemical and Biological Principles in Balance. Comprehensive coverage offers each instructor the flexibility to decide how much chemistry or biology he/she would like to present. Chemical mechanisms are always presented within the physiological context of the organism.

Real-World Relevance. Because students who take the survey of biochemistry course come from a range of backgrounds and have diverse career goals, the updated fifth edition consistently demonstrates the fascinating connections between biochemical principles and the fields of medicine, nutrition, agriculture, bioengineering, and forensics.

The Most Robust Problem-Solving Program Available.
* In-chapter "Worked Problems" illustrate how quantitative problems are solved and provide students with opportunities to put their knowledge into action right when new concepts are introduced.
* Dozens of "Questions" are interspersed throughout the chapters, getting students critically thinking about high-interest topics.
* Finally, hundreds of multiple-choice and short-answer questions at the end of the chapters test students' knowledge, develop their conceptual understanding, and encourage them to apply what they have learned.

Simple, Clear Illustrations. Biochemical concepts often require a high degree of visualization, and the McKee and McKee art program brings complex processes to life. The book includes 700+ full-color figures, many newly enhanced for a more vivid presentation in three dimensions and consistent scale and color for chemical structures.

Currency. The updated fifth edition has been extensively updated with recent developments in the field, while remaining focused on the "big-picture" principles that are the focus of the one-term biochemistry course.