Blind Spot 179 Success Secrets: 179 Most Asked Questions On Blind Spot – What You Need To Know

Blind Spot 179 Success Secrets: 179 Most Asked Questions On Blind Spot - What You Need To Know

by Norma Ballard

ISBN-10: 1488851913
ISBN-13: 9781488851919
Publisher: Emereo Publishing
Edition: - 2014

Book Description
Get It ALL With this Extensive Blind Spot Guide. 'Blind spot' might allude to: There has never been a Blind Spot Guide like this.

It contains 179 answers, much more than you can imagine; comprehensive answers and extensive details and references, with insights that have never before been offered in print. Get the information you need--fast! This all-embracing guide offers a thorough view of key knowledge and detailed insight. This Guide introduces what you want to know about Blind Spot.

A quick look inside of some of the subjects covered: Metamaterial cloaking - Science of cloaking devices, Bias blind spot - Role of introspection, Parking sensors - Blind spot monitors and other technology, Battle of the Heligoland Bight (1939) - Aerial engagement, Introspection illusion - Criticisms, Aviation in World War I - Other methods, Blind spot (vehicle) - Height of the driver, Reflective process - Recent developments, Four stages of competence - History, Backup camera, Automated vehicle - Cars, Filter bubble - Related concepts, Conspiracy theories - Socio-political origins, Fraud in parapsychology - Questionable validity of parapsychology research, Form perception - Physiology, Optical nerve - Vision, Naïve realism (psychology), Unreliable narrator - Novels, Argument from poor design - Other flaws, Rabbit, Derrick Jensen - Documentaries, Im toten Winkel, Shadow Clone - Byakugan, Blind Spot (Homeland), Known Space - Species, Offshoring Research Network - Network partners and sponsors, Jaguar - Hunting and diet, Periodic table of human sciences - Vision, Unemployment benefits - Unemployment insurance effect on unemployment, Experts - Academic views on expertise, Stage (theatre) - Thrust stage, Joanne Woodward - Later career, Monomyth - Atonement with the Father, Animal rights and the Holocaust - Comparisons, Scotoma - Presentation of pathological scotoma, and much more...