Bob Miller’s Calc for the Clueless: Calc I (Bob Miller’s Clueless Series)

Bob Miller's Calc for the Clueless: Calc I (Bob Miller's Clueless Series)

by Bob Miller

ISBN-10: 0070434085
ISBN-13: 9780070434080
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Edition: 2 - 1997

Book Description

The first calc study guides that really give students a clue.

Bob Miller's student-friendly Calc for the Clueless features quickly-absorbed, fun-to-use information and help. Students will snap up Calc for the Clueless as they discover:

  • Bob Miller's painless and proven techniques to learning Calculus
  • Bob Miller's way of anticipating problems
  • Anxiety-reducing features on every page
  • Real-life examples that bring the math into focus
  • Quick-take methods tht fit short study sessions (and short attention spans)
  • The chance to have a life, rather than spend it trying to decipher calc!