Business Law (7th Edition)

Business Law (7th Edition)

by Henry R. Cheeseman

ISBN-10: 0136085547
ISBN-13: 9780136085546
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Edition: 7 - 2009

Book Description

Visually engaging, enticing and current examples with an overall focus on business.

Legal Environment of Business and E-Commerce; Torts, Crimes, and Intellectual Property; Contracts and E-Commerce; Domestic and International Sales and Lease Contracts; Negotiable Instruments and E-Money; Credit, Secured Transactions, and Bankruptcy; Agency and Employment; Business Organizations and Ethics; Government Regulation; Property; Special Topics;  Global Environment

MARKET: Business Law continues its dedication to being the most engaging text for readers by featuring a visually appealing format with enticing and current examples while maintaining its focus on business.