Buying College Textbooks? Try a Textbook Exchange Service Instead.

Finding the cheapest textbooks for college can be a real hassle. Students have a couple of options (buy or rent) textbooks. Renting textbooks will sometimes cost the same as buying a used textbook. The only difference is that students can sell back the textbook after you are done with it. If students rent the textbook, you must return it and get no money back. The real question is where can students get the cheapest textbooks?

textbook exchange

A new way to save money on college textbooks is using a textbook exchange service like Students can search their home campus and meet locally to save money on shipping and find the cheapest textbooks. The website also provides a textbook matching service where students are automatically matched together to trade textbooks. It works by creating a profile of textbooks you have for sale and listing the textbook you need for the next semester. The system does the rest and you are notified of a textbook match to trade with another student. Students can also buy and sell textbooks with one another anonymously. Instead of posting textbooks for sale at the college bulletin board, students can search their campus using the website and see if any textbooks they need are available. No need to display your private telephone or email as the website acts as the discussion board.

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