California Tenants’ Rights

California Tenants' Rights

by Janet Portman

ISBN-10: 1413318177
ISBN-13: 9781413318173
Publisher: NOLO
Edition: Nineteenth Edition - 2013

Book Description
Protecting California tenants' rights since 1971!

Many tenants have to deal with roommates who don't pull their weight, neighbors who routinely engage in illegal activities, landlords who don't know -- or won’t follow -- national or state laws and local rent ordinances. Use this book to give you the information and tips you need to protect and assert your rights as a renter in California.

. Find out how to:
. understand and negotiate a lease
. inspect a rental before moving in
. fight discrimination
. get needed repairs and maintenance
. deal with a nosy landlord
. break a lease with minimum fall-out
. get your security deposit back
. figure out rules for rent increases
. fight an eviction

This edition of California Tenants' Rights is completely updated with the latest laws and official legal forms, and covers new legislation on protections for tenants caught in foreclosed properties.Check out Nolo's list of California products. Not a California resident? Check out Renter's Rights.