Child Development, Third Canadian Edition (3rd Edition)

Child Development, Third Canadian Edition (3rd Edition)

by Laura E. Berk

ISBN-10: 0205660436
ISBN-13: 9780205660438
Publisher: Pearson Education Canada
Edition: 3 - 2008

Book Description

 Long considered THE standard text in child development, the Third Canadian Edition of this best-selling topical approach to child development continues its tradition of being the most current and comprehensive text available.


Laura Berk, renowned professor and researcher in the field of child development, has revised her Child Development text, adding new pedagogy, a heightened emphasis on the interplay between biology and environment, expanded coverage of culture, and an enhanced focus on education, health, and social issues, including many social policy topics addressed throughout the text.

Laura Berk is continually abreast of changes in the field.  For this new edition, Prof. Berk consulted with Canadian contributor William Roberts, of Thompson Rivers University, to offer a comprehensive and integrated North American edition.

Interwoven throughout you will find important Canadian and international research, comparative global statistics, and explorations into social policy initiatives on important current issues.

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