Computing Essentials 2015 Introductory Edition (O’Leary)

Computing Essentials 2015 Introductory Edition (O'Leary)

by Timothy O'Leary

ISBN-10: 1259223159
ISBN-13: 9781259223150
Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Irwin
Edition: 25 - 2014

Book Description
How are you learning about the most important, essential, and current concepts of information technology?

Computing Essentials 2015 allows you to Make IT Work for You through relevant explorations, ethics and environment sections throughout each chapter. Current examples, references and exercises allow students to be successful in understanding today's role of Computer Information Technology. This definitive approach provides the essentials students need while bringing them a full digital solution through Connect CIT. Connect CIT is an online learning and assessment platform that engages today's students and helps them apply the key concepts they are learning.

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