Discover SAP ERP HCM

Discover SAP ERP HCM

by Greg Newman

ISBN-10: 1592292224
ISBN-13: 9781592292226
Publisher: SAP Press
Edition: 1 - 2008

Book Description
This book is an insightful, detailed guide to what SAP ERP HCM is all about and how it can make companies more effective in managing HR processes. Take a look at all of the major components of SAP HCM, explaining the purpose of the components, how they work, their features and benefits, and their integration with other components. Whether you're a decision maker, consultant, or administrator considering implementing SAP ERP HCM or even if you're entirely new to SAP ERP HCM explore SAP ERP HCM from benefits management to payroll.

* Teaches what SAP ERP HCM is and how it can benefit your company
* Provides a detailed overview of all core functionality
* Includes practical insights and real-world case studies

Find concise topic overviews, definitions of important terminology, and useful tips to help you build a solid understanding of key functionality.

Assembling the Pieces
Explore how HCM works and how it can help you manage your HCM processes.

Real-World HCM Scenarios
Filled with practical examples and case studies, this book demonstrates how HCM works in a real environment.

* Recruitment
* Talent Management
* Employee Administration
* Organizational Management
* Time and attendance