Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to join?
Yes, absolutely.

I want to save money on college textbooks, how should I get started?
1. Register for a FREE account
2. List the current textbooks you currently own for sale or trade.
3. Add the textbooks you need for your next course in the wish list.
4. Automatically match with other students so you can trade textbooks.

How do I sell my textbooks?
Add your textbooks to our database and set a price you want to sell it for. When members find your textbook and want to buy it, our automated system will contact you. You and the buyer can arrange to meet on campus or ship the textbook to them without sharing your information.

How do I search for textbooks at my home campus?
Enter the textbook information in the search page. Searching by ISBN will provide more accurate results, but you can also search by Title, Author, and keyword. Search for as many ISBNs at once if you like. Type in your college name in the “College Name” field and select your college name and campus. If you want to search for textbooks at all your college campuses, then check the “Search all campuses including the one above” checkbox. Leave the “College Name” blank if you want to search the entire database for textbooks and not a specific college.

When I sell my textbook, how do I receive payment?
StudentBookTrades collects payment from the buyer and holds the money in your StudentBookTrades account, when you ship the textbook and the buyer receives the textbook, we send you the money. Payment options are through PayPal and receiving a Check ($5.00 check processing fee applies). We also provide a link to PayPal so you can send and receive money safely and securely. Please see our fees and pricing structure here.

I would like some help using this service for my college, can you help?
Yes. Contact us and we can discuss how to help you.

If you have other questions or suggestions? We would love to hear from you.