Fundamentals of Human Resource Management: Plus MyManagementLab Access Code: Managing People at Work

Fundamentals of Human Resource Management: Plus MyManagementLab Access Code: Managing People at Work

by Derek Torrington

ISBN-10: 0273728636
ISBN-13: 9780273728634
Publisher: Financial Times Prentice Hall
Edition: - 2009

Book Description

The academic and professional careers if many thousands of HRM students and managers have been underpinned by their reading of Torrington et al’s long-standing, comprehensive and market leading text Human Resource Management.

Now, this same author team has developed a brand new concise text, Fundamentals of HRM, aimed primarily at students who are studying for general business and management degrees, or who are studying HRM as part of a combined honours degree with another discipline in arts, languages, humanities or sciences.

Adopting the same accessible and practical perspective on the discipline, the book focuses on the core responsibilities of people management which every manager will have to undertake and understand. A section on skills such as interviewing, coaching and performance appraisal supports this practical approach.

Fundamentals of Human Resource Management: Managing People at work comes with a MyLab Access Card.

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