Fundamentals of Programmable Logic Controllers and Ladder Logic (Volume 1)

Fundamentals of Programmable Logic Controllers and Ladder Logic (Volume 1)

by Orlando Charria

ISBN-10: 0615800076
ISBN-13: 9780615800073
Publisher: Latin Tech Inc
Edition: First Edition - 2012

Book Description

This is the best way to learn ladder logic programming because it´s like you were buying three different books:

One for Theory, one for Lessons and a third one for Real applications.

Learning about Programmable Logic Controllers is a real need for any technician/engineer who wants to work or applying for a job in the field of automation. It has been proven that it becomes a major disadvantage when you are educated on the technology of just one particular manufacturer, because most of the companies have at least two different PLC brands on their industrial processes. You become more competitive if you are able to easily switch from programming one PLC to another, like you were able to speak several languages.

This book is not for you if you just plan to read or learn about a particular brand. Our approach is to teach general information and provide PRACTICE so it will be easier for you to understand ANY PLC brand.

The first chapters will teach you about general theory and all the available PLC technologies using the most common terms and names of industrial automation; knowing the jargon is quite important when attending a job interview.

The second part is dedicated to learn the basic ladder logic instructions used for programming any generic PLC. There is a software tool ( for downloading) used to write and test each of the forty step by step hands-on lessons to help you in practicing on Ladder logic programming.

The last part has fourteen industrial PLC applications with project drawings and ladder logic programs, which you can simulate. Practicing with real life examples will help you to understand and reinforce the concepts.

There is some extra and useful material:

A first bonus is a short chapter of basic understanding on electricity. You´ll have to refresh this knowledge if you plan to make real connections on PLC applications. A second bonus: The basic ladder logic commands from several important PLC manufacturers : Allen Bradley®, Siemens®, General electric®, Triangle Research® and PLC Direct®. It will be easy for you to understand the basic concepts from any specific PLC Manufacturer´s ladder logic since you already have learned the basic instructions. A third bonus: A Software Simulator is available for downloading so you can perform a hands-on practice of the lessons and the application projects by writing a program on your computer and performing all tests until it works as expected.

This material is ideal for beginners and self-learners with no specific background because no prior knowledge is assumed or required. This book has already been selected by prestigious educational institutions all over the world to train students on industrial automation. The learning methodology used here will allow you to troubleshoot, test and debug any PLC application with DIGITAL inputs and outputs. Our second book (coming soon) will cover the ANALOG part. We look for positive reviews so we are the only ones providing support ,free of charge :On page 154 you find two e-mail addresses and the steps for you to get support to obtain and install the software, write a program, answer to your doubts and review of your answers to the questions from each chapter ( in English and Spanish).

Note to professors/instructors: . Please don´t cut your students´wings by teaching a particular brand of PLC.Teach as many brands as possible.

Important: Pocket PLC trainers are available for purchase so, in addition to the free software you can also practice with real PLCs.

IMPORTANT: Your learning experience is important to us.The few negative reviews are from people who don´t even read the text,practice the lessons or try the software. Reading our answers will prove that we never hide, that we try to contact you if needed and that we listen.