Handbuch zur deutschen Grammatik (World Languages)

Handbuch zur deutschen Grammatik (World Languages)

by Jamie Rankin

ISBN-10: 1439082782
ISBN-13: 9781439082782
Publisher: Heinle
Edition: 5 - 2010

Book Description
This intermediate, modular approach to German grammar serves as both a reference handbook and a practice manual. There are a total of 30 chapters. The 24 regular chapters provide a presentation of new information, followed by material for oral and written practice including: Grammatik (grammar), Worschatz (vocabulary), Übungen (exercises, self-, and small-group practice), Anwendung (application, in-class group activities), Schriftliche Themen (writing topics), and Zusammenfassung (summary). The six remaining reference chapters consist of grammar presentations through explanations, models, and charts; and Übersicht (summary).

About This Edition

New Features

  • Revisions to the 24 regular chapters.

  • Six new reference chapters.

  • Revised appendices.

  • Revised Wortschatz sections are now more in sync with the grammar topic at hand.

  • Revised Zum Beispiel cultural excerpts (song lyrics, short stories, movies, etc.) have been expanded and are now present in every two to three chapters.

Additional Features

  • Twenty-four regular chapters consisting of thorough grammar explanations, models, charts followed by a vocabulary section (Wortschatz), ample structured practice (Übungen), open-ended activities (Anwendung), a writing section (Schriftliche Themen) including strategies (Tipps zum Schreiben). The chapter wraps up with a summary (Zusammenfassung) of the main points (Rules to Remember) and charts (At a Glance).

  • Zum Beispiel: Every two to three chapters opens with a cultural theme or focus (zum Beispiel) that serves as a basis for discussion of the chapter's grammar point(s).

  • Reference chapters: the six reference chapters feature more condensed grammar presentations and no activities.

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