HarperCollins Spanish College Dictionary 5th Edition (Collins Language)

HarperCollins Spanish College Dictionary 5th Edition (Collins Language)

by HarperCollins Publishers

ISBN-10: 0060733802
ISBN-13: 9780060733803
Publisher: Collins Reference
Edition: 5 Student - 2004

Book Description

The HarperCollins Spanish College Dictionary is a standout -- you're holding the best buy on the shelf in your hands right now. Here's why:

Easiest to use: The clear two-color layout allows maximum ease of access and enables effective communication for educational, business, and traveling purposes. Usage levels are indicated throughout, with extensive examples to illustrate how words are used in context. A system of style labels identifies whether a word is formal, informal, literary, vulgar, dated, or euphemistic. In addition, specific meanings are clearly marked to guide the user to the correct treatment. The text also includes pronunciations of all English words using the International Phonetic Alphabet, with a full guide to Spanish pronunciation and phonetics for difficult words.

Consistently updated: The HarperCollins Spanish College Dictionary offers fully updated coverage of both Spanish and English, including business, technological, and cultural terms and extensive coverage of Latin-American usage.

"Spanish in Action" supplement: This offers invaluable advice on how to express yourself in correct and idiomatic Spanish, as well as in-depth coverage of Spanish life and culture.

Here's a sampling of the new terms this edition includes:

amartizajeMars landing
armas de destrucción masivaweapons of mass destruction
cliqueable clickable
correo web Web mail
dinero electrónico electronic money
efectos colaterales collateral damage
fondo de escritorio desktop wallpaper
neumonía asiåtica SARS
telerrealidad reality TV