Human Physiology (Oxford Core Texts)

Human Physiology (Oxford Core Texts)

by Gillian Pocock

ISBN-10: 0199574936
ISBN-13: 9780199574933
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Edition: 4 - 2013

Book Description
The human body is a complicated and beautiful machine, governed by the laws of physics and chemistry. By understanding its physiology--how it performs its varied functions--it is possible to build strategies for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.

Human Physiology, Fourth Edition, provides clear explanations of the principles that govern the body's physiological processes and shows how these can be applied, making it an ideal resource for students interested in pursuing careers in human biology, biomedical science, and medicine.

* Written in student-friendly language
* Rich pedagogy throughout--photos, diagrams, boxes, bulleted lists, and reading lists
* Companion Website featuring multiple-choice questions for students (