Introductory Algebra (Lial Developmental Mathematics Paperback)

Introductory Algebra (Lial Developmental Mathematics Paperback)

by Margaret L. Lial

ISBN-10: 0321279212
ISBN-13: 9780321279217
Publisher: Addison Wesley
Edition: 8th - 2005

Book Description

Lial/Hornsby/McGinnis’s Introductory Algebra, 8e, gives students the necessary tools to succeed in developmental math courses and prepares them for future math courses and the rest of their lives. The Lial developmental team creates a pattern for success by emphasizing problem-solving skills, vocabulary comprehension, real-world applications, and strong exercise sets. In keeping with its proven track record, this revision includes an effective new design, many new exercises and applications, and increased Summary Exercises to enhance comprehension and challenge students’ knowledge of the subject matter.


Prealgebra Review; The Real Number System; Equations, Inequalities, and Applications; Graphs of Linear Equations and Inequalities in Two Variables; Systems of Equations and Inequalities; Exponents and Polynomials; Factoring and Applications; Rational Expressions and Applications; Roots and Radicals; Quadratic Equations


For all readers interested in introductory algebra.