Look and Find: Disney’s Tangled

Look and Find: Disney's Tangled

by Publications International Staff

ISBN-10: 1605537659
ISBN-13: 9781605537658
Publisher: Publications International
Edition: - 2010

Book Description
Look and Find: Disney s Tangled is a beautifully illustrated picture book that features eight action-packed scenes adapted from the popular Disney movie Tangled. Kids search the scenes for dozens of hidden characters and objects, providing them with entertainment and helping develop their power of observation. The book is recommended for children age 4 and older. Here is a brief look at each of the scenes in Look and Find: Disney s Tangled:
Peruse the royal plaza for gifts given to the king and queen s new princess, Rapunzel.
Discover the many objects Rapunzel uses to stay busy after being locked in a tower by Mother Gothel.
Be on guard in the forest for the hidden guards who are after the outlaw Flynn Rider.
Help Rapunzel and Flynn Rider search the Snuggly Duckling pub for ruffians with some surprising dreams.
Locate hardworking townspeople preparing for the kingdom s lantern festival.
Track down guards at the festival as Rapunzel and Flynn share a special moment.
Look for items that get mixed up among the chaos caused by Flynn s attempt to rescue Rapunzel.
Find the special presents Rapunzel s friends bring to her homecoming celebration.

The final section of the book challenges children to revisit the scenes and find dozens of additional items. Look and Find: Disney s Tangled measures 10x12 inches, allowing for big and bold pictures that are rich in detail.