Management of Healthcare Organizations: An Introduction

Management of Healthcare Organizations: An Introduction

by Peter C. Olden

ISBN-10: 1567936903
ISBN-13: 9781567936902
Publisher: Health Administration Pr
Edition: 2 - 2014

Book Description

Management of Healthcare Organizations: An Introduction explains management as an integrated body of knowledge and shows how to apply it in healthcare organizations. Classic and contemporary management theory, principles, methods, and tools for new managers are presented in a logical sequence of management functions, roles, and activities.

The book opens with background on the healthcare industry, then moves on to in-depth coverage of five basic management functions - planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. It also covers decision making, managing change, and communication.

Written by one author, the content is cohesive, succinct, easy-to-read, and engaging. The book is filled with learning aids including chapter objectives, on-page definitions, key points, real-world examples, in-chapter exercises, case studies, practical applications, and discussion questions. The 15 chapters are interconnected by a case study that runs throughout the book, showing how concepts from individual chapters can be used together to manage a healthcare organization.

The book is ideal for undergraduate students in healthcare administration and students in nursing or allied health programs.