Optical Engineering Fundamentals, Second Edition (SPIE Tutorial Text Vol. TT82)

Optical Engineering Fundamentals, Second Edition (SPIE Tutorial Text Vol. TT82)

by Bruce H. Walker

ISBN-10: 0819475408
ISBN-13: 9780819475404
Publisher: SPIE Publications
Edition: 2 - 2009

Book Description
This classic Tutorial Text provides a basic understanding of many fundamental optical principles. The second edition has been updated to reflect the development of electronic sensors, as well as the advent of mainstream consumer optical products. Chapters also emphasize the application of state-of-the-art computer software to generate solutions to related lens design and optimization problems. This is an ideal textbook for introductory courses at advanced high school and college levels. For those who proceed to work in the field of optical engineering, this book will provide a convenient source of valuable, basic reference material.


- Preface
- Introduction
- Historical Review
- Basic Concepts of Light
- Thin-Lens Theory
- Optical Design Basics
- Primary Lens Aberrations
- Optical Components
- Basic Optical Instruments
- Optical Materials and Coatings
- Visual Optical System
- Lens Design and Evaluation
- Optics in Our World
- Appendix A: Basic Optical Engineering Library
- Appendix B: Optical Design Software Sources
- Appendix C: Optical Glass Sources
- Appendix D: Conversion Factors and Constants
- Appendix E: Measures and Equivalents
- Appendix F: Basic Photometric Considerations
- Appendix G: Surface Sag and Conic Sections
- Index