People We Meet: Unforgettable Conversations

People We Meet: Unforgettable Conversations

by NPR

ISBN-10: 1622313887
ISBN-13: 9781622313884
Publisher: HighBridge Company
Edition: Unabridged,Original radio broadcast; 2 hours - 2014

Book Description

Nationally known NPR on-air personalities—including Melissa Block, David Greene, Rachel Martin, Guy Raz, Scott Simon, Susan Stamberg and many more—share the lasting impressions made during interviews with a wide variety of exceptional individuals. Each story is introduced by the NPR host and offers a candid account of how the encounter was particularly meaningful to them.

These are thought-provoking and emotionally resonant interviews with both the famous and the nearly anonymous, who reveal themselves over the course of a conversation in delightful, moving, and surprising ways.