Psychology, Third Canadian Edition with MyPsychLab (3rd Edition)

Psychology, Third Canadian Edition with MyPsychLab (3rd Edition)

by Carole Wade

ISBN-10: 0138152152
ISBN-13: 9780138152154
Publisher: Pearson Education Canada
Edition: 3 - 2009

Book Description

The hallmarks of this remarkably successful text are its emphasis on the importance of critical thinking, its inclusive approach to culture, gender and ethnicity, and its balanced integration of the best of the new scientific research in psychology.


Well-known for its pioneering focus on the development of critical thinking skills crucial to students' success in college or university and in later life, Psychology is also highly regarded for the liveliness, warmth, and clarity of its writing. It is a text that students enjoy reading. Now in its third Canadian edition, Psychology again smoothly integrates gender, culture, and ethnicity throughout the text, providing a comprehensive and current introduction to the field.


Within Psychology, the authors DEFINE what critical thinking is; MODEL how to think critically through the exploration of popular but unsupported ideas as well as psychological issues; and encourage students to PRACTICE critical thinking using the numerous activities and examples.

Active participation in both the subject matter and the science of psychology is a key element of the text.

Through innovative features and intriguing questions and quizzes, students will see the excitement and dynamism of the discipline and learn to assess and understand matters of direct relevance to their own health, well-being, and life experiences. 

Includes Student Access Code to MyPsychLab