Rochester Institute of Technology (Off the Record)

Rochester Institute of Technology (Off the Record)

by Amy E. Cooper

ISBN-10: 1427401217
ISBN-13: 9781427401212
Publisher: College Prowler
Edition: - 2006

Book Description
Introduction from the Author

I love it when people ask where I go to school. I have nothing to be ashamed of, so I smile politely and say “RIT.” A common response to my answer is, “So how do you like Albany?” After explaining (almost as a form of routine) that the Rochester Institute of Technology is in fact in Rochester, New York, and not Albany where the commonly mistaken RPI is located, I tend to get a blank stare and a mixture between a nod and a shrug. If I happen to be talking to someone who actually knows about RIT, the response tends to lean more towards, “So you’re an engineer huh? Maybe you’ll work for NASA someday?” “I don’t think so,” I normally reply.

RIT has been known over the years as an engineering school that sticks to engineering, and engineering only. In the recent past, however, RIT has been gaining national recognition as the school takes leaps and bounds in other technological fields of study. With many programs offered, some of which are the first of their kind, such as the bachelor degree in biotechnology, it is easy to see why RIT is now known as more than just an engineering school. The administration does its best to keep up with the latest in technology, and with each incoming class increasing in number over recent years, they certainly have their work cut out for them. RIT has been receiving acclaim, and is now competing with RPI, and even MIT, for students. It certainly won’t be long before people start properly distinguishing RIT from RPI.

The campus may look imposing, and the figures, especially the male to female ratio, may seem daunting. However, the vivacity of the surrounding atmosphere makes living here seem like an extended vacation to some. With so many majors available, it is easy to find any type of person that you might want to talk to: from the undoubtedly hip to the terminally geeky. Whether you need your computer fixed, your car sound system installed, or your wardrobe revamped, you can find someone at RIT to lend a helping hand.

Most importantly, the skills you’ll learn at RIT will make you a valuable asset in today’s workplace and will help you succeed in whatever path you choose to follow. One of the key advantages of the RIT education is the Cooperative Education System that allows students to experience work in their particular fields early in their college careers. This, in turn, allows them to build up their resumés and meet contacts from various employers.

Academics aside, there are other things to consider when choosing the right college or university. A key idea to think of is whether or not you can live in a particular college’s local atmosphere for four years of your life. Are you prepared to invest the time and effort it takes in order to flourish at RIT, or any college for that matter? These are questions that can’t be answered simply by looking at numbers and fancy pictures. Hopefully, the facts and opinions stated in this book will give you a little insight into the world that is RIT and help you to decide if RIT is right for you.

Amy E. Cooper, Author
Rochester Institute of Technology