Smith and Roberson’s Business Law (Smith & Roberson’s Business Law)

Smith and Roberson's Business Law (Smith & Roberson's Business Law)

by Richard A. Mann

ISBN-10: 0538473630
ISBN-13: 9780538473637
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Edition: 15 - 2011

Book Description
Continuing a long tradition of accuracy and up-to-date coverage, the Fifteenth Edition of SMITH AND ROBERSON'S BUSINESS LAW is the most complete and credible business law book available. This updated classic delivers a comprehensive, detailed presentation of business law issues ranging from traditional topics to the latest laws and emerging trends. The cases - located at the end of each chapter - offer an excellent mix of landmark and current decisions and are edited to preserve much of the language of the court, allowing you to see how the law applies to real business practice. Proven, comprehensive, and completely up-to-date, this trusted book will give you a solid understanding of modern business law and its impact on the way you--and your employers, competitors, and colleagues--practice business.