Terrorism and Homeland Security: Perspectives, Thoughts, and Opinions

Terrorism and Homeland Security: Perspectives, Thoughts, and Opinions


ISBN-10: 1420093061
ISBN-13: 9781420093063
Publisher: CRC Press
Edition: 0 - 2010

Book Description

Since 9/11, the terms homeland security and terrorism have become firmly entrenched in our lexicon. The days of walking through a simple metal detector at the airport are over, and our security landscape is forever changed. Terrorism and Homeland Security: Perspectives, Thoughts, and Opinions brings together the work of academic researchers and law enforcement and intelligence personnel to present a sober appraisal of the issues surrounding the current state of our security infrastructure.

Topics highlighted in this thought-provoking volume include:

  • The history of terrorism; the growth of the Taliban, Hamas, and Hezbollah; and the rise of transnational anti-Western Islamism
  • Progress made in protecting nations and individuals from terrorism
  • An analysis of a captured al-Qaeda training manual
  • The concept of martyrdom and suicide bombing
  • Political and strategic warfare and propaganda
  • Cooperative antiterrorism efforts between the United States and the European Union
  • Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear terrorism
  • Insider threats and how citizens can help their communities be vigilant about detecting terrorism
  • Intelligence gathering by means of interpersonal contact
  • Terrorist threats south of the border
  • Tools for locating bomb makers and clandestine labs

An examination of the causes and effects of terrorism and the complicated issues surrounding homeland security, this thought-provoking anthology provides a broad perspective for understanding the threat we face and how we can best meet the challenges of 21st century homeland security.