Warren and Walt’s Commercial Law: Selected Statutes, 2014-2015

Warren and Walt's Commercial Law: Selected Statutes, 2014-2015

by William D Warren

ISBN-10: 1628102675
ISBN-13: 9781628102673
Publisher: Foundation Press
Edition: 2015 - 2014

Book Description
This compilation of statutes covers the major enactments governing commercial law. The centerpiece is the Official Text and Comments of the Uniform Commercial Code. Other materials include selected provisions of the Bankruptcy Code and the Internal Revenue Code, the Check 21 Act and the Consumer Credit Protection Act. Although this compilation is designed to accompany Warren and Walt’s Commercial Law and its component volumes, as well as Walt’s Sales Law, these materials are likely to be referenced by any textbook dealing with aspects of commercial law. The materials therefore are suitable for use as a statutory supplement to accompany other casebooks in the areas of domestic and international sales, secured transactions, and payment systems.