We the People (Core Tenth Edition)

We the People (Core Tenth Edition)

by Benjamin Ginsberg

ISBN-10: 0393937046
ISBN-13: 9780393937046
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Edition: Core Tenth Edition - 2014

Book Description

Politics is relevant and participation matters.

We the People is ideal for showing students that politics is relevant to their lives and that their participation in politics matters. The book engages students with contemporary topics, including polarization in government and digital politics, and presents information on these topics both in the text and in new figures designed to resemble those that students see in online media. New features and resources also teach students to be more savvy consumers of real-world political information. Both the book and free Coursepack are organized around specific chapter learning goals to ensure that students learn the nuts and bolts of American government and to help instructors assess student learning of key concepts.